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Over 20 companies sharing the same vision, along with their 15 activities areas make Trivalor a leader in the provision of outsourcing services.

    Sinal Mais

    Integrated Managed Services

    Increased efficiency of your organization through integrated service management, adding areas such as food, facilities maintenance, security, cleaning, vending or office services, simplifying your workflow through a single point of contact.


    Shared Services

    Centralization of shared services skills with a network of services and solutions designed for optimization, efficiency and cost reduction in areas such as information technology, human resources, accounting, billing and credit control.


    Catering Services

    The know-how acquired over 40 years of experience in the restaurateur market along with our specialization in the areas of business and teaching, allows us to respond with maximum flexibility to the specific needs of each client.


    Catering Services

    Recognized as a pioneer in collective catering in Portugal as a result of the experience built over more than half a century, ITAU offers integrated solutions for the management of its clients’ food industry, focusing on hospital, health and social areas.


    Concessions and Event Catering

    Dedicated to the management of catering concessions, catering services and event management in a wide and diversified range of spaces, its performance is based on a philosophy of partnership in view of client satisfaction.


    Vending machines

    Due to national implementation, Serdial ensures an effective response to the vending needs of its clients, both public and private. Consistently offering practical and efficient food solutions we ensure the most rigorous principles of safety and quality.


    Logistics and Brand Representation

    Specializing in Food Solutions, it positions itself in the market as a single supplier for food and non-food supply, using its platforms with nationwide implementation to guarantee its customers the best products and available solutions on the market.

    FEB Cafés

    Food Production

    FEB Cafés has a wide range of coffees specially designed for the professional sector. Quality derives from a rigorous process of selection of origins combined with the choice of the exact mixture between Arabica and Intensity.

    Strong Charon

    Surveillance and Security

    Representing the largest and most differentiated offer of private security services in the market, Strong Charon believes in the design of integrated solutions of human surveillance and cutting-edge technology.



    Iberlim is well-known within the national market for technical cleaning related activities due to its know-how in specialized fields, such as hospital, industrial and transport (both air and public).

    Ticket Serviços

    Benefits and Incentives

    A well-established firm in the Portuguese market, Ticket, prints, sells and manages service coupons. Its clients are thousands of companies and other institutions from all sectors across the country.

    A Temporária

    Staffing and Outsourcing

    With more than 30 years of experience in the market, “A Temporária” specializes in recruitment solutions and the selection of human resources based on the specific needs of each client, including short term employment regimes.

    A Temporária Outsourcing

    Staffing and Outsourcing

    Focused on the provision of technical, administrative and commercial assistance and support services to outsourced companies, it is recognized for its added value in the quality of its services.

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