Sinal Mais installs new headcounter

Novo headcounter no restaurante PONTO.

PONTO. Coma, Partilha e Viva restaurant, at Trivalor facilities in Maia, now has a headcounter, installed by Sinal Mais and developed in partnership with Strong Charon.

This equipment uses sensors to control the entries and exits of the restaurant, informing consumers whether or not they can enter and thus allowing compliance with the capacity determined by the prevention measures in force.

The information can be made available on the spot, but also online or through an app, allowing efficient management of waiting time. It also allows the communication of other types of additional information, such as space protection measures, nutritional or institutional information.

Due to its size, the headcounter can be placed in any space and its aesthetic characteristics allow its integration in any environment or decoration.

Nice and functional, PONTO. restaurants also ensure your total security so you don’t have to worry about anything.

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