We want to be a reference in the corporate training market, in Business and Facility Services areas. In this sense, Trivalor Academy promotes the training of its employees to be the best in their areas, enhancing their skills through a culture of learning and constant innovation. To this end, it promotes the valuation of people through access to excellence training with a strong practical component.

Performance evaluation

Our performance evaluation aims to ensure continuous monitoring of each employee, ensuring constant feedback and promoting their evolution, in order to enhance the performance improvement of all human resources, individually and collectively, between teams and departments.

Retain Talent

We create career opportunities and encourage creativity and innovation. In a stimulating and productive environment, we rely on the talent and high potential of our employees, offering them a dynamic, versatile environment with a strong business culture, thus seeking to increase emotional engagement within the organization.

Benefits and Perks

The benefits and perks system aims to guarantee the best conditions for the professional and personal growth of our employees, respecting the best practices in human resources management.